About Our Name

We hope our name does not offend anyone, especially those who share our Italian ancestry. While growing up in our Italian family, our Scottish/Irish mother always referred to the six of us as "lil dagos."
Our mother meant no harm then, and we can assure you we mean no harm now.



Welcome to our Italian Family Restaurant

While dining in our restaurant, we hope you experience the same festive atmosphere we experienced growing up as "lil dagos." Excitement on the verge of chaos, the sound of music blended with family chatter, all the while savoring the taste of good home-cooked Italian/American cuisine.

Old Fashioned, Wholesome Food

Take a look at our menu. You're gonna love eating here because nothing is complicated. From appetizer to dessert, it's all delicious and recognizable. Spaghetti, Lasagna, Ravioli, all cooked fresh to order. And our sauce? It's thick, sweet, and flavored with our seven special spices.


Good Food for the Hungry and the Health Conscious

Salads at Lil Dagos' are prepared fresh, with a lively mix of olives, tomatoes, cheese, and other ingredients, to create taste-tempting treats.  Caesar Salads can be made with chicken or shrimp.

Our Mufffalettas and Po' Boys are plenty even for a hungry man.  Lil Dagos' meatballs are big, juicy, and flavorful.  We have a full line of appetizers and we keep a great Kid's Menu.

Like we said, it's a great Italian Family Restaurant, so enjoy!



It was said when Italian immigrants were hired in the "New World," they did not trust their employers. They preferred to be paid at the end of each day - or as the "day goes." Thus, Italians were referred to as "dagos."



Hours of Operation:


Served Monday thru Friday, 11 am - 3 pm. with "All You Can Eat Spaghetti and Sauce!" (add Meatballs for just $1.25 each)


Catering and Take Out